Tim Kjellesvik – “The Thinking Woodsman”

Kjellesvik’s 19-Pointer

Tim is the newest staff member of Outside Again Adventures TV – Online. He brings a new and fresh approach to outdoor media via his superb podcast, The Thinking Woodsman. http://thethinkingwoodsman.com/feed/podcast/

Bill Cooper – Host of Outside Again Adventures TV – Online

Bill Cooper

Bill Cooper is an award-winning outdoor writer, with almost half a century of experience under his belt. Recognized in 2016 by the Missouri Legislature for 45 years of continuous service to the public via his media efforts about hunting, fishing, outdoor recreation and tourism, he has bylines in “Outdoor Life Magazine,” “Cabelas Outfitter Journal,”www.basspro1source.com,” “www.southerntrout.com,” “Trophy Whitetail World,” “Turkey Call,” “Turkey and Turkey Hunting,” “Midwest Outdoors Magzine,” “Game and Fish Magazine,” “Terrain,” and many more.

Greg Long – The Ultimate Outdoorsman

Greg Long is the ultimate outdoorsman. Decades in the woods and on the water have honed his hunting, fishing and trapping skills to levels few will ever match. Watch for Greg on Outside Again Adventures TV – Online.

Fly Fishing with Damon

Fly Fishing with Damon

Damon Spurgeon is the FLY FISHING EXPERT for Outside Again Adventures TV – Online. Watch for him on www.aoutdoorstv.com and www.Facebook.com/Outsidealways.